"Heartwood Homes" is a facility for Homeowners to have built a prestigious and luxury home customised to meet their life style choices.  Clients can access quality products with extensive choice to colour and design.  All "Heartwood Homes" projects focus on interior design to compliment the location, living styles and adaptablity of beautiful luxurious buildings.

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Boulus Constructions are specialised in building more elegant homes to suit your budges.  We are shortly launching our Heartwood Homes to build your dream homes.



We have a Ten Point Plan to ensure our commitment on timely completion of your homes and save you thousands of dollars in interest and other costs.  Call us today to know how we can build your dream home.

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pmWe specialise in project management of any size.  Our approach combines architectural design, planning, engineering and construction services, a one-stop shop for all your construction needs.  Our project management synthesises design, planning and construction in harmony.  All our projects are closely monitored to ensure they run on schedule with strict controls on budgets.  Call us to provide our expert services in project management.  We ensure the trades and subcontractors comply with our ISO standards and deliver quality safely.

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renovateWe have restored many homes and historical buildings to their past glory.  Many structures have retained their historical significance.  Our skilled staff can walk you through the process and discuss the materials we use and their suitability.

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We have been awarded for the best design kitchens by HIA and our designs have been shortlisted each year for their superb presentation. 


We keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry and our designs are cost effective and elegant at the same time.

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tasWe are experienced in school constructions providing one of the best infrastructures to the schools, GLA, classrooms, laboratories, eco-friendly and multi-media rooms, apart from landscaping and external works

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worksBoulus Constructions has to its credit numerous 2-3 storeyed buildings and industrial sheds.  It can build farm sheds, garages, workshops, rural sheds, hay sheds, storage sheds, warehouses, kit homes, commercial buildings and much more.  Its qualified staff can design for you or alternative provide them with your designs to receive a prompt quotation from its experienced staff to get the best for you.

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Boulus Constructions, Armidale is experienced in building housing projects, especially, New South Wales Land & Housing Corporation stimulus package.  It is involved in most of the housing projects in Inverell, Armidale, Glen Innes, Lismore, Ballina, Tamworth and the surrounding areas building high quality and cost effective two storeyed units.

28 NiagaraAdaptable featuresHousingBathroombathroom2storeyed

Some of the unique features include building adaptable style units catered to disabled and elderly citizens, to achieve highest comfort levels of accommodation; the interior design has stunning colours, optimising spaces provide less unutilized areas, window areas, sizes and locations offers great ventilation, the exterior design offers green soft-scaping and marvelous hard-scaping with spaces for other utilities such as bins enclosures, meters enclosures, cloth lines and garden sheds with privacy screens and metal colorbond fences provide security; retention of rainwater from roofs into large underground tanks to service the external hose taps and provision of laundry to all units, solar energy heating units and the list goes on to maximise energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions which is complying with Australia’s current national attitude to apply environmental construction procedure to build sustainable “green” homes.  The company is proud to be a part of this Government initiative providing value to the community and residents in the region.  The design reflects modern aesthetics including corrugated metal wall and roof cladding, feature areas of compressed fibre-cement wall cladding, hardwood timber balustrade and exposed balcony roof rafters.

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28 Niagara Street, Armidale

We have an extensive relationship for the repairs and maintenance of Housing NSW properties and Teacher Housing.  We have successfully delivered Maintenance Contracts for NSW Government which required the prompt services of quality tradespersons and customer service support.

Our capability has further increased with additional resources and greater infrastructure; with this our Company has successfully constructed new community housing projects for the demographic and unique demands of our community with innovative and easy maintenance properties that are environmentally friendly.


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