"Heartwood Homes" is a facility for Homeowners to have built a prestigious and luxury home customised to meet their life style choices.  Clients can access quality products with extensive choice to colour and design.  All "Heartwood Homes" projects focus on interior design to compliment the location, living styles and adaptablity of beautiful luxurious buildings.

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The Company
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Boulus Constructions Pty Ltd was established in 1989 by Brian and Terri Boulus for the provision of building and constructions services within the northern NSW region.

Since inception, the Company has demonstrated commitment and philosophy to quality workmanship within commercial, residential and government building contracts.

Historically the Company established a quality reputation on the construction of new buildings and ancillaries such as power stations and utilities, heritage property, residential and semi commercial dwellings; whilst increasing their competitive presence, trade networks and success in delivering specialized building services for state and federal government departments such as Department of Housing, Education, Teacher Housing and Resitech.

Two and three story construction with class 1, 2 and 3 buildings intergrading fire acoustics properties multi type wall and floor construction within the same structure.  The Company has acquired extensive experience within the construction industry and has further diversified their services to provide comprehensive and user choice packages for every customer.  Construction design, commercial premises, parks & roads development, landscaping, interior design are just some examples of the level of choice and areas of excellence available.

The Company has demonstrated and proven their success and commitment to providing innovative and cost effective services that have been delivered on time and on budget within commercial contracts.

In recent years Boulus Constructions have received national recognition for their services including multi Housing Industry Australia. Testimonials for exclusivity, specialisation and building excellence further demonstrate the ability and scope of the Company.

The Mission

To build environmentally sustainable constructions with the focus on renewable energy and reduced material & power wastage that have innovative yet practical floor plans, Maximum Street appeal and cost effective structural designs with low maintenance.   At the same time, Boulus Constructions wishes to make the construction process an enjoyable and exciting experience for all stakeholders.



Since 1993 Boulus Constructions has developed a proven track record for innovative design, quality construction and dependability.  We enjoy a reputation of completing projects on time, within budget and with quality outcomes. Our employees are enthusiastic and skilful in the way they approach all projects and operate within a culture that truly understands traditional customer service expectations.

Boulus BrianConstructions complies with and remains abreast of all statutory regulations affecting the industry including Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental aspects.  The work practices and policies are informed ensuring that Boulus Constructions shall maintain an enviable safety record at all times.

The company’s success lies in its ability to combine strong management principles with skilled staff to produce the very best of quality construction in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the client.

Brian Boulus, Managing Director of Boulus Constructions, prides himself on his company, quality employees and strong network of tradespeople available for use throughout the local area.   Brian’s building background is comprehensive.   He is a fully licensed building designer who brings both formal post apprenticeship and tertiary qualifications to all his building sites and has been doing so since 1989.  He has vast construction experience in everything from townhouses, residential estates, large luxury homes, schools, commercial property and Government contracts.

Brian’s commitment to the building industry and his region are demonstrated by the commitment to quality in his work. This commitment has earned Boulus Constructions several industry awards including winning the Best Home New England/Northwest Award in 2004 and Best Kitchen Award 2005 just to name a few.   Meticulous attention to detail, singular experience and standing in the industry are Boulus Constructions' client’s assurances of the highest possible standards of excellence.


PO Box 1895 Armidale, NSW 2350       T: 02 6771 2520 - E: reception@boulusconstructions.net.au ACN 060338114 - ABN 64060338114

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