"Heartwood Homes" is a facility for Homeowners to have built a prestigious and luxury home customised to meet their life style choices.  Clients can access quality products with extensive choice to colour and design.  All "Heartwood Homes" projects focus on interior design to compliment the location, living styles and adaptablity of beautiful luxurious buildings.

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Brian Boulus, Managing Director: Founding Boulus Constructions in 1989 after becoming accredited in Clerk of Works, Brian went on to develop the company to become a highly successful select Tender Construction Organisation, recognised in the New England region for its prestigious and modern construction and attention to client and employee satisfaction.  Brian has a diploma in management and diploma in business.

Terri Boulus, Director and Compliance Manager: is the second member of the company together with Brian and is an experienced administrator and Compliance Manager compiling over 15 years experience in the retail and construction industries.  She is a certified professional in OH&S qualified to implement procedures and policies within the company to ensure growth and effective review and reform. Terri has a diploma in management and diploma in business.

Nicklaus Weir, Finance Administrator / Office Manager: worked in various industries with over 13 years experience in financial, management accounting, finance and HR.

Nicholas Boulus, Tendering Officer: has been working in construction industry for the past 4 years in various capacities.  He is currently involved in tendering activities of the company organising the quotes from subcontractors and material suppliers and compiling competitive tenders.

Lei Guo, Contracts Administrator/Tendering Officer: worked in various capacities previously and has rich experience in construction industry, is looking after the company's Contracts administration coordinating with various stakeholders for smooth execution of projects.

Thato Gordon, Customer Service Officer


PO Box 1895 Armidale, NSW 2350       T: 02 6771 2520 - E: reception@boulusconstructions.net.au ACN 060338114 - ABN 64060338114

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