"Heartwood Homes" is a facility for Homeowners to have built a prestigious and luxury home customised to meet their life style choices.  Clients can access quality products with extensive choice to colour and design.  All "Heartwood Homes" projects focus on interior design to compliment the location, living styles and adaptablity of beautiful luxurious buildings.

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Hargrave Street, Armidale PDF Print E-mail

Includes the construction of 18 units built for NSW Land & Housing Corporation.

The development compromises of 1 and 2 bedroom general housing units and 3 by 1 bedroom adaptable style units catered for the disabled and elderly citizens.

The features include unique design with an emphasis on achieving the highest comfort levels of accommodation; the interior design has stunning colours, optimising spaces provide less unutilised areas, window areas, sizes and locations offering great ventilation with excellent landscaping in exterior areas; the other features including rain water harvesting and renewal solar energy heating; the housing includes features for disabled and elderly citizens.






Suite 5, 146 Marsh Street, Armidale, NSW, 2350       T: 02 6771 2520 - F: 02 6771 5131 - E: ACN 060338114 - ABN 64060338114

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